Meet the Maker

 Janella Thaxton here, founder and   designer of Luvada Designs. Luvada   Designs was created to invite women to  express themselves through high-quality, thoughtfully crafted, handmade earrings. When it comes to jewelry, we celebrate the unexpected, the bold, the colorful, the unique -- the pieces that make a statement. Maybe even the pieces that you might not typically wear.
Why? Because self-expression should be fun! 


Since each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by just one person (that’s me👋), everything is made in small-batch quantities. This means there are limited pieces available with each collection, and there is no guarantee that additional batches will be created. Ultimately, this makes each piece that much more special, unique, and rare.

 Luvada Designs was born out my love for my Grandmother. My Grandmother Loraine Luvada Merritt was the first "Fashonista" I laid my eyes on. I was always enamored by her style and attention to detail. From her handbag to her shoes to her fierce hat and always to complete her look - her earrings.

She was an Amazing woman with impeccable class. I miss her deeply. This is to honor her. 

I'm so grateful for your love and support. I hope you love all these gems and much as I do! 
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I can't wait to see how YOU make them look beautiful.